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About us

In today's hurried world, time is one of the most precious values. Elite Voyage is a closed lifestyle management club in which we do the hurrying for you. Why? To give you and your immediate family more free time, so that you can enjoy life to the full.


Who we are?

We’re friends whom fate brought together, but first and foremost people, of flesh and bone, who share similar values. We’re young in spirit, but we already have some experience under our belt. And we’re constantly improving. We have a sense of detail, and excellent clients thanks to whom we are enthusiastic about our work – without that, it all wouldn’t function. You can think of us as a fellow worker on the phone, someone who will give you the right advice and reliably arrange what’s needed, or simply as a friend who won’t leave you high and dry and will always stand by you.


What we do? 

We primarily do only what we enjoy and are good at. And – most importantly – we do it from the heart. In short, our work brings people a simpler and better life. More time for themselves, family, friends and everything else that’s important. Why? Because life is short, and happening right now. On the other hand, we’re not here for everybody. We’re a closed club and – straight up – we’re choosy about our clients. But that doesn’t mean that we’re not happy to acquire new ones, or that you can’t be one of them. We just want to collaborate with people who share similar values, and with whom it also makes sense from a business perspective. But we’ll only find that out by getting to know each other. Interested in us, and have a phone? Then call us.

Membership info

Heads of our family

Karla Ašerová Karla Ašerová, Co-Owner & CEO
Petr Udavský Petr Udavský, Co-Owner & Private Consultant
Markéta Udavská Markéta Udavská, Co-Owner