A holiday in a private villa


It will be like your second home

We save

Save time on searching and planning

With us you won't need to search through pages and pages of villas you wouldn’t want to even spend one night in. We'll also save you the hassles of worrying about having everything you need, or whether everything in the villa is going to work. With us, you can simply count on the fact that it will.

We advise

We will advise you on choice villas in prime locations

We have been arranging holidays for over 10 years now and can offer you the best villa to meet your requirements. We take all your expectations into consideration and know what you can expect from different villa during your stay. We understand things to do and places to visit around all your different villa options. 

We arrange

Arranging a programme and services you deserve

We think of all the details and will arrange your villa rental. We can also arrange your entire itinerary. We are always there with you, ready to respond to your wishes and whatever you want to do. We make sure you enjoy what you like, the entire time you are away.


Don't worry about hassles, simply fly and enjoy.

Do you think that booking a villa is as simple as booking a hotel at a booking website? It certainly is, but can you be sure that the photos are accurate? Or that you won’t be looking for a plumber when the pipes break. Or that the pool won’t be full of rotten leaves? If you want to enjoy your holiday at a private villa to the fullest and not deal with any inconveniences, simply leave your worries to the professionals.

Don’t enjoy looking for a needle in a haystack? Do you know how many villas there are along the entire coastline and how many of them meet your requirements? Don't want to trawl through everything there is at the villa to see if it all is up to date? With us, you have no need to look. We will deal with everything required.

Are you worried that you will arrive at the villa and have to deal with problems? Don’t want to cook or make the beds yourself?
With us there is no need to worry. You can rely on us to arrange a pre-vetted rental and enjoy the high-quality service you deserve. 

Do you expect someone to look after you and respond to your requests during your time in the villa With us, you can be sure that we are at your back the whole time, ready to address your wishes and needs.

We will help you arrange a luxury villa exactly the way you want it. We will also arrange a smooth trip for you, there and back. And we can also arrange an itinerary with transfers, activities and more. Not only will you reduce the stress involved, but you will also enjoy worry-free travelling and devote all of your time to whatever you like doing.

Order consultation

Why EliteVoyage?

Experience. Responsibility. Reliability.

We all need to switch off and put our worries to one side from time to time. So why not let someone else plan and arrange everything for you, from the initial idea to the very last detail? This saves you time that you can make better use of. We know what and where is in vogue, where it's not up to much, where you will like it, and where you definitely will not. With us, you avoid disappointment. How come? We have been planning trips every day for over 10 years now and to put it simply, we have an overview. What is more, we assume all responsibility for the smooth running of every one of your journeys. All you have to do is decide how many experiences you can absorb or simply who to take with you. We will take care of everything else.

References from our clients

“Thanks to our many years of collaboration with Mr. Petr Udavský, our entire family finds it a joy to travel. We very much appreciate the individual, professional approach, and we particularly value the pleasant behaviour! For us, a holiday with EliteVoyage is always a guarantee of luxury, quality and solidity. With thanks, we enjoy the fact that they do the thinking for us, that they are able to fulfil all our wishes, and that they offer amazing experiences as well as peace and privacy.”

Dagmar P.

”I appreciate the absolute professionalism of the entire EliteVoyage team, and the attention which they devote to every customer's wish – that makes EliteVoyage a unique project in the market of travel and other private services.
In order for a vision to become reality, there must be a strong team behind it, which Karla, Petr and Markéta undoubtedly are – they've brought services to the market which are an experience, and you can always be sure that they know you and take care of you.”

Marcela H.

“Travel is always a welcome change for us; we very much like to travel to Dubai. In this respect, the EliteVoyage travel agent and Mr. Udavský are a sure bet. You can rely on the agreed services 100%, everything is arranged flawlessly, and our holiday has always gone absolutely perfectly.”

Miroslav M.


How to proceed? 

1st step

Book a consultation appointment

Make an appointment for your first consultation, free of charge, at our website, by phone or by email. We can discuss everything from a distance, but we would rather meet you in person. Together we will go through your holiday plan and clarify exactly what you require of a private villa.

2nd step

We present you with suggestions

Based on the information we gather, we will present you with our opening suggestions and ask for feedback. Give us your comments and we will take these into account in coming up with a final appearance so that every point of your journey suits you to a tee.

3rd step

Confirming the booking

Only once you are 100% satisfied with a particular offer in all respects will we get round to payment and the handover of documents. You can now fly away with peace of mind: we are making sure that each and every journey goes smoothly. It’s a piece of cake, isn’t it?

Don't cause yourself unnecessary worries. Connect with us, and travel happily. Let the professionals arrange your travels.

Our team


Karla Ašerová

Co-Owner & CEO


Petr Udavský

Co-Owner & Private Consultant


Markéta Udavská



Kateřina Horiszny



Filip Pačes

Travel Designer

Michal Pátek

Travel Designer


David Pechar

Flight Consultant


Štěpán Borovec

Travel Designer


Lucie Poláková

Finance Executive


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